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Laser hair removal has seen increases in popularity and effectiveness, and now Dr. Bijal Katarki of Dominion Family Healthcare in Reston, Virginia has a powerful new tool for high-volume hair removal. The Vectus® laser hair removal system is dedicated to the task, not a multi-purpose cosmetic laser. The unique challenges of permanent hair removal have met their match. Call Dr. Katarki’s office today, or book an appointment online to learn more about how the Vectus laser system can help you.

Vectus Hair Removal Q & A

How does laser hair removal work?

Since lasers project a single wavelength of light, they can focus quite closely in both distance and color. The target is the melanin in hair follicles. These pigment cells will absorb light from a laser when it’s closely matched to the cells. When light energy is absorbed, the cells warm enough that the follicle essentially dies, unable to grow hair anymore.

It sounds simple; however, there are several factors that vary by patient that make the practical application of laser hair removal more difficult. Darker skin tones, for example, make it harder to target the melanin in hair follicles, and surface skin may be damaged by also absorbing light energy. In the past, the best hair removal results came with fair-skinned patients, often those who needed hair removal the least.

How does Vectus approach laser hair removal?

The only melanin reader cleared by Food and Drug Administration is Skintel™. Used with the Vectus laser, the Skintel reader offers tighter optimization of laser tuning for a wider range of skin types than ever before. Since it’s now possible to match different colors of melanin effectively, it’s easier to treat follicles without damaging the surrounding skin.

The treatment tips used with the Vectus system feature Advanced Contact Cooling™, so any light energy absorbed by the skin is countered by the device, keeping you comfortable and your hair removal laser on target. The Vectus system is made by CynoSure®, a leader in laser hair removal since 1997, the first FDA-approved system for this purpose.

Why do I need more than one laser hair removal treatment?

This is a function of your body’s cycle. At any one time, only about one-third of your hair follicles are in a vulnerable condition for laser hair removal treatments. The growth cycle of body hair is staggered so that you don’t develop periodic hairlessness. Therefore, a single laser treatment can only stop growth in about one-third of your follicles at any one time. Three spaced treatments are typically the minimum necessary for effective hair removal coverage.

The results you can expect vary because of your hair and skin types. Contact Dominion Family Healthcare to learn more about how the Vectus system can help you.