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Though the terminology is changed, the family doctor concept is alive and well. Dr. Bijal Katarki and the team at Dominion Family Healthcare in Reston, Virginia are primary care specialists, today’s equivalent to the family physician of days past. You can still get familiar, superior care through a long-term medical relationship with Dr. Katarki and her team. Request an appointment online, or call the office today.

Primary Care Q & A

What is primary care medicine?

Perhaps surprisingly, there’s no standard definition for primary care. When compared with services such as emergency and urgent care, its meaning becomes clearer, and certainly when you think in terms of “my doctor,” you focus on the essence of primary care.

Historically, healthcare divides between a doctor with whom the patient has a regular and recurring relationship, the primary relationship, and other medical situations, such as with specialists and emergency care providers, secondary medical services. Other sorts of doctor/patient relationships cloud the picture somewhat, such as a pregnant woman and her obstetrician. That relationship could be either primary or secondary.

What services are common in primary care?

With a family practice like Dominion Family Healthcare, virtually any medical service could arise in the routine care of its patients. Typical primary care visits could follow an illness, such as a respiratory infection, or minor injuries that occur during office hours or that don’t require immediate treatment. Preventive health screenings, including immunizations, cholesterol tests, and sexually transmitted disease screening can also fall under the primary care role.

Primary care physicians are also well-placed to recognize changing health and developmental disparities, such as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) in children or dementia onset in older patients. Management of chronic conditions is often done through the care of your primary physician, such as with diabetes or weight control, for example.

Primary care practices are also the source of well visits, check-ups to ensure continued good health and physicals, such as those required for school and sports participation.

How should I choose a primary care physician?

Choosing a primary care doctor is an important and personal decision that varies with the things you feel are important. Board certification is a basic requirement important to many patients, and particular specialties could also be relevant, such as choosing an OB/GYN as a primary care provider. In some cases, your insurance coverage may limit your options to physicians associated with your insurer.

Dr. Katarki and the team at Dominion Family Healthcare offer a friendly and courteous environment that focuses on personalized healthcare for you and your family. Offering contemporary and innovative healthcare solutions, Dr. Katarki’s training and experience are well-suited to family-oriented primary care. Contact Dominion Family Healthcare if you’re in need of attentive and patient-friendly primary care.